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School closures - Brighton & Hove City Council

School closures

Tuesday 12 March

The following school have confirmed that they will be closed today:

Acorn Nursery, Portslade

Aldrington CE Primary School

Alternative Centre for Education

Bevendean Primary School

Bright Start Nursery

Brighton & Hove Pupil Referral Unit

Cardinal Newman

Carden Primary School

Carlton Hill Primary School

Cedar Centre

Cherry Tree Nursery

Coldean Primary School

Coombe Road Primary School

Davigdor Infant School

Downs Park School, Portslade

Downs View School

Downs View Link College

Fairlight Primary School

Friends Centre

Hangleton Infants and Junior School

Hertford Infant and Nursery School

Hertford Junior School

Hillside School

Hove Park School, both Nevill and Valley Campus sites

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

Patcham High School

Patcham House

Patcham Infant School

Portslade Infant School

Queen's Park Primary and Nursery School

Roundabout Children's Centre

Royal Spa Nursery

Rudyard Kipling Primary School & Nursery, Woodingdean

Saltdean Primary School

Somerhill Junior School

Stanford Junior School

St Andrew's CE Primary School

St Bartholomew's CE Primary School

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

St Josephs Catholic Primary School

St Lukes

St Margaret's Rottingdean

St Mark's CE Primary School

St Mary Magdalen's

St Nicolas CE Junior School

St Peter's Community Infant and Nursery School

Stanford Junior School

Tarnerland Nursery School

The Connected Hub

West Blatchington Primanary School

Woodingdean Primary School

If we receive further notifications of school closures we'll publish the information on this web page.

You can also contact the school directly or go to the The Argus website and check their lists of school closures.

Thank you to all the schools who contact us about closures during severe weather.

More information about school closures during severe weather

Schools have clear guidance on both school closures due to severe weather and informing parents and guardians.

We understand that school closures pose an inconvenience to parents, but the safety of pupils, staff and visitors is of paramount importance.  

Closing a school is never an easy option. They should remain open wherever possible, with closure always considered as the last resort and every effort made to give adequate notice of closures to parents and guardians.

Before making the decision to close, head teachers undertake a rigorous risk assessment and decide if there is significant risk of severe injury, ill health or inability to comply with relevant legislation.

A decision is taken on the basis of weather forecasts and on-the-spot observations and this is why closures are often decided on the morning itself. Head teachers then inform local radio stations and the local authority which highlights closures on this webpage.

Although concerns have been raised that schools may be more liable for prosecution if they choose to stay open during severe weather and an incident occurs, head teachers base decisions to close on a risk assessment and not on the fear of compensation claims. As long as schools do what is reasonable to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff it is unlikely that the school would be found negligent.


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